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Liability video form Brothers & Sisters album. Recorded live at Eagle Sound in Durango, Colorado

The Nichols Family album "Brothers & Sisters" was released in July, 2018. The album features Daryl, Kloey, Damon and Lex Nichols. This is a collection of songs that we all enjoy performing live. This album is only available on CD by contacting Lex.


The new album Songs of Rain Volume 1 was released February 2, 2017. This album has no flute or guitar, it is meditative natural sounds of rain and thunder with calming ambient soundscapes. Some of the music was composed for the "Under a Monsoon Sky" album but I decided not to use them at that time. This is the first of a multi-volume collection of music in concert with soothing sounds of rain and thunder. I hope you enjoy this new release and it is available here on my site in the Music and DVD's section or from iTunes, Amazon and Google Play.

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Official video for "The Tire Swing"